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Welcome to our Web site, and thank you for your interest in our services! Mecanamix is an operating business segment of Integer-Comfab Enterprises LLC, a State of Connecticut (CT) Limited Liability Company. Our mailing address is 1771 Post Road East; #21, Westport, Connecticut 06880-5606 (U.S.A.).

The Mecanamix business profile is to conduct business as a reputable Information Service Provider under NAICS-51913 (2007 U.S.A. indexing; Internet Publisher). Soon to be offered via the Internet is a collection of application-guidance oriented technical information products that may further aid in the conceptual development, creation, installation and functional maintenance or servicing of a wide variety of issues in an industrial environment. These licensed-fee information products offered for digital download by our technical authors are intended to save you, the user, significant time in researching information. On the other hand, if you can answer ‘yes’ to any of the questions that follow, our freelance technical authors might not be able to serve your needs for technically oriented information:

· Is there time available to review textbooks that typically dwell on theory development and naturally requires an appreciation for higher-order mathematics to understand the formula derivations?

· Is there time to review trade magazine product-service articles that read like subtle product endorsements and conclude with questions on the reader’s mind in order to entice contact with the article’s author?

· Do you have the time to search the Internet and compile unverified or questionable information on the subject of interest?

Audiences for Mecanamix licensed information products are typically those with diverse work experiences and education levels. They tend to focus on the core application elements, the insight if you will, needed to understand a topic of concern in a quick and efficient manner. Our technical writing audiences also include those who desire to further their analytic knowledge in assorted peripheral non-technical topics such as budget estimating, job-project costing, program management, and so forth. As your information service provider, is designed for both ease of use and access to high quality information products.

Let our freelance technical writers take a vertical information approach to significantly reduce your cost and time to do research, comprehend and then review other information sources; multiple textbooks, reference-equipment manuals, white papers, trade or industry related magazines, and so forth are classic examples. There may also be a long-lasting residual benefit to acquiring a copy of a licensed-fee product from our freelance technical writers, in the form of a reference library; a personal toolkit so to speak that may help to influence or reinforce other efforts to help further your career potential or goals.

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