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Selling Technical Information Articles

Making a first impression is always important.  As freelance technical writers, your first e-mail contact with a potential buyer is crucial to establishing your expertise, credibility, and understanding of the material being sought. Your freelance technical writing is not just a way to earn income – it’s also a way of establishing a reputation for valuable work within the field. Technical writers need to be both informative and user-friendly when writing content so that their audience may learn quickly. Your ability to translate your credentials in these areas is important in your initial contact.

When offering freelance technical writing for Mecanamix, make sure you consider the information listed below and follow the steps after we contact you, to guarantee proper consideration of your work. Successful freelance technical writers are excellent readers as well – able to meet the requirements of those purchasing their work and the needs of those reading who read it. 

Introduction questions

If you have a product you authored and are considering to offer it for sale, please visit our Writer’s Corner webpage and scroll down to the “Yes – I’m Interested!” section near the bottom of the webpage. Three portals need your input. Type your first name in the first portal. The next portal requires your full functional e-mail address so that we can attempt to contact you by e-mail. Next, there is a verify code shown that needs to be typed into the Verify portal. Then click on the Send Email button and we will contact you within two normal business days. As part of our initial response e-mail to your inquiry, we shall provide a sample Confidentiality Agreement as a file attachment for your review. We will also request some basic information:

1. Please provide the title of the product being considered for sale, along with a copy of its Table of Contents (TOC). If there is no TOC please advise so, and tell us how many print-out pages are involved.

2. Is the product completely composed in the English language?

3. What is your job or student position, and background as the author of the product?

4. Are there co-authors or other contributors involved with the product being considered for buyout? If yes, how many people and how many business entities have an authorship claim?

5. Has the product been previously published? If yes, please advise the business details.

6. Without being modest, please provide a short description of the material’s functionality. What industry segment is the material applied to? Who is the intended audience? What does the article’s information help people do?

7. What is (are) the software processor packages used to produce the product file(s) plus any accompanying image files?

8. How many files are involved, and what is the size in ‘KB’ of each? (A method to determine the size of a file is to right-click on the file and then click on its Properties)

9. In what month and year did you start to author the product, and in what month and year was the product finished?

10. Does your product involve copyrighted material and/or a copy of a substantial portion of material from a public source such as a newspaper or magazine? If yes, please explain any facts and circumstances, and list any permissions granted from those sources.

It is your responsibility to have the copyright owner’s permission to use their material. For any substantial portion of material from a public source, you will also need that author or original publisher’s permission to reproduce it. Yet material obtained from the public domain does not generally require permissions. As an example of technical information shared by all people (not subject to private ownership) are mathematical formulas.

11. Have you read, do you understand, and do you agree to be bound by the Mecanamix web pages entitled Copyright Infringement Claims, the Statement of Limitations, the Statement of Privacy Policy, and the Statement of Terms Through Use?

12. Please provide us with three (3) keywords from the product.

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