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Mecanamix is an information products company dedicated to providing technical articles and documentation to industry professionals. We are your source for technical writing and information on a wide range of topics, and we are committed to working with the finest freelance technical writers that can generate product specific content for our clients. Our unique service brings the best technical articles to professionals who don’t have hours to spend sifting through journals and manuals.

If you’re one of many freelance technical writers seeking to sell their work products, look no further. You can contribute technical documentation and technical articles to Mecanamix and be compensated for your information products. See our Writer’s Corner for more information on how you can add your technical writing to our product listing. Whether you’re looking to write about information products or you are seeking the information for yourself, is your source for technical writing. Make your information service provider today.

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Electric Motor Temperature Guide
Price: $16.95
Electric Motor Temperature Guide
A guide to motor winding insulation ratings, operating temperature characteristics, temperature rise calculations, heat dissipation, surface ratings, thermal aging, and more. Sample

Freelance Technical Writers

Similar to school students, people working in their industry comprehend the need to leverage their time and knowledge in the things they do. To assist in that productivity, Mecanamix offers technically oriented information products that may be as valuable today and to the many tomorrows of our lives, as they were valuable to the yesterdays of those people who forged and sustained the Industrial Revolution.

Technical Writing Manufacturing

The Mecanamix mission in-part then, is to offer [more] licensed right informational products-application oriented technical information products for digital download, that may help to further facilitate analysis, in-depth understanding, and/or provide additional how-to guidance on industry oriented product life-cycle topics and practices of interest.

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