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Is your freelance technical writing stowed away within computer files and not generating any income for you? Mecanamix is looking for professional-quality work from technical authors. We purchase your copyright protected material and then offer a version of the content on our site as a licensed-fee product download. If you own existing technical articles, contact us to discover how your experience can benefit others.

Mecanamix is a place for freelance technical writers to share their specialized knowledge with people who need technical information to complete tasks at their job. Without assistance from qualified professionals, these workers might not be able to finish their tasks as promptly and efficiently as they are able to with Mecanamix on their side. As freelance technical writers, it is vital to continually produce content, so if areas of your expertise are coveted by people in many other fields, or by persons who would not otherwise have access to you or your information, consider the benefits of your freelance technical writing to Mecanamix.

Looking for Freelance Technical Authors

If you are a seasoned technical writer interested in the commercial benefit of your work, Mecanamix would like to talk to you!

As an experienced technical author, do you have a collection of technical articles collecting dust for which you own the copyright?

Is your body of written worked centered on any of the industries listed below?

  • Technical-Trade Development
  • Technical writing for Construction
  • Technical writing for Manufacturing
  • Technical writing for Mineral Extraction
  • Technical writing for Transport and Processing
  • Technical writing for Utility Providers
  • Technical writing for Repair and Maintenance
  • Technical writing for Waste Management and Remediation Services
  • Technical writing for Seals and Gaskets Technical writing for Machinery
  • Technical writing for Electrical equipment, appliances, and components
  • Technical writing for Chemical and Petrochemical products
  • Technical writing for Plastics and Rubber products 

Mecanamix (pronounced mec-an-am-ix) seeks to acquire application oriented material of a technical nature that is claimed as the technical writer’s original work (eligible for copywriting). Technical articles of interest can range from data tabulation calculations based on input variables, scenario oriented benefits of advantage-disadvantage comparison articles, diagnostic fault-tree lists, cost-value reviews, to detailing how-to procedures or techniques and so forth.


  • acceptable material substitutions
  • acoustic pulse attenuation
  • acoustical noise abatement techniques
  • adsorption characteristics of materials
  • alkaline water coolant system issues
  • alkaline water coolant system remedies
  • application of heat transfer coefficients
  • applications for geometric-trigonometric formulas
  • aspect ratios
  • asset value
  • axial fan performance
  • bearing crush design

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